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Burn Wound Classification
 First Degree: Limited damage to the epithelium; skin remains intact. Skin appears reddened and sensitive, no blister formation.  

 Second Degree (Superficial partial thickness burn) Epidermis destroyed; minimal damage to superficial layers of dermis; epidermal appendages intact. Wound appears moist and weepy, pink or red,
blanching, hypersensitive.

Second Degree (Deep partial thickness burn) Epidermis destroyed; underlying dermis damaged; some epidermal appendages remain intact. Wound appears pale, decreased moistness; blanching absent
or prolonged; intact sensation to deep pressure but not to pinprick.

 Third Degree (Full-thickness burn) Epidermis, dermis and epidermal appendages destroyed, injury through dermis. Wound appears dry, leatherlike; pale, mottled brown or red; thrombosed vessels visible; insensate.  
Fourth Degree (Full-thickness burn) Epidermis, dermis and epidermal appendages destroyed; injury involves connective tissue, muscle and possibly bone. Wound appears dry; charred, mottled, brown, white, or red; no sensation; limited or no movement of involved extremities or digits.  

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