Causes of Fires

Causes. While twice as many fires occur outdoors than in indoors, many of these fires do not cause much damage. In contrast, 70-80% of civilian deaths and injuries in 1996 stemmed from residential fires. Residential fires account for 82% of fire deaths and 76% of injuries to civilians. Thus, it is important to understand what caused theses fires.

Causes of Residential Fires and Deaths


of Fires


of Deaths

Arson/Suspicious  29.2  18.8  Leading cause of property loss
Children Playing 5.0  5.9  
Smoking  6.3 22.9  Leading cause of death, and still going up.
Heating 6.6 14.5  Heating fires has decreased by more than 50%
Cooking 10.1 8.9  Leading cause of injuries
Electrical Distribution  8.3 9.3  
Appliances  3.8 3.5  
Open Flame  13.5 7.1  
Other Heat 5.5 3.2  
Other Equipment 4.5 3.2  
Natural 2.6 .08  
Exposure 4.7 2.0  
Unknown 46.7 43.6  The unknown's were apportioned among the above causes.

Where do fires occur in the home?


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