Trends and Impact of Fires. The good news is that fires are down significantly in the past decade. The bad news, is that this largely preventable disaster is still causing thousands of deaths and injuries every year. In the period of 1987 through 1996, the number of fires was down 17%, deaths from fires was down 25%, injuries were down 11% and the total dollar loss from fires was down 16%. Still, in 1996 alone, 4,990 Americans lost their lives to fire. The annual losses from floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, eathquake and other natural disasters combined in the U.S. average just a fraction of the losses from fires.

Location of Fires
  Percentage of Fires Percentage of Deaths Percentage of Injuries Percentage of Dollar Loss
Residential Property 22.1  70.4  69.2  43.4
Non-Residential  8.5 7.8 12.0 35.1
Vehicle 23.9 18.1 8.7 16.7
Outside 43.5 1,7 5.3 3.6
Other  2.0 1.9  4.7 1.1

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