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A Page Directed to Aiding the Burn Survivor and their Loved Ones and Eliminating the Causes of Burns

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Our first goal is to provide information about Burn Injury including information specific to emergency care and critical care, burn classification, skin grafting, scar contracture, infection control, blisters. We also address particular problems that come with burns to specific body parts, such as hands, feet and the face. We discuss the issues of prognosis, discharge from the burn unit, disfigurement and burns to children.

We have also devoted a portion of this page to what is called the epidimiology of burn injuries, which is a fancy term for the statistical analysis of how burn occur and in what numbers.

The best cure for a burn is to insure that it never happens. Thus, a major emphasis in this page is burn prevention and education, especially related to burns and fires involving children.


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